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hey what's up guys welcome to another let's go to work episode as you guys can't tell what these new jeans that I just got right now don't mind it this is a new style one alright this is a new style rockin some new style right now hopefully you guys gonna enjoy that but I got a surprise.

For you guys today man let's start out a day I wanted to apply for this position like they say that I could make a lot of money for this position and I'm thinking about it and guess what we're taking out today we'll take out the demon the demon and you guys see my garage it's been a while since I use these place since I since I got that place up the hills I haven't been in this apartment I mean.

This I wouldn't even call this a mansion this place over here for a long time can I see my place no it's facing the opposite way so one on another thing that I have to do is pick up somebody you guys been looking forward to see for awhile so I got once I've picked pick them up we'll see how the day's gonna turn out but right now I do have to go apply for this place it's early in the.

Morning no dress attire because it's it's a regular job it's a regular job man anyway look at the garage man look at the muscle car garage this is my first garage so far and you guys you guys seen the murder Nova this is the car that nobody can't stop right now man murder on Nova is winning I mean the murder I know if I could beat any cars in this garage right now the SS can't.

Even keep up the only car that I think that can actually keep up is the demon and that's barely keeping up anyway let's take the demon out I'm a check on the dealership I'm still think now guys I'm still thinking about that um I remember that new dealership was talking about I'm still thinking about that maybe we'll Mike oh my god just driving that look at her he tapped.

Guys now I'm still thinking about that dealership like I was Sam I'm still thinking about that dealership that dealership might work better for us but the only thing that sucks is like it's not really in the middle like it's not in the middle of Los Santos so it's gonna suck for us why because some I mean anybody that want to call we have to drive that far just kidding when it.

Could just stick the Train I'll take the bus to all location downtown so this is what I'm still thinking about it I don't know if it's gonna be a great investment but we'll see about that I'm gonna go check up on her though so the thing about fast cars man some people don't know how to drive fast cars why because they'd be ready to step on the gas not knowing that without the.

Traction control or without traction without some kind of grip you mean anybody that drive a fast car should know how to drive a fast car there's this CERN like you gotta win see gift a certain speed just to be able to step on the gas like my GTR I know better not to step on the gas from so the 60 unless I'm doing a lunch control cuz that thing will just shoot just like.

This D Mary may see if I don't want I reached 40 to step on the gas that thing I mean we're just gonna grab it out of control anyway we just make make it let me just check up on her making sure she's good guys as you guys can tell that I am hungry I need some food man I need some food let's go check her out damn I was hearing a shooting I was like.

Yo you know are they shooting outside but naughty naughty not anyway you good I see you got all the cars on the floor today I mean it sent me on here he's not here all right anyway I'm gonna stop my day let me know if you need me if they need a manager or anything like that though guys we've been selling since I did the improvement on this little ship guys we've been.

Selling that's why I don't feel like if I don't feel like we need to invest more when we making like good money yes I mean we can invest in that new place but is it gonna be worth it unless I'm gonna be selling like some super cars or something and stuff like that but we'll see we'll see other thing that I wanted to do right the thing that I wanted to do remember this job this job we used to.

Make 5.5 to $10,000 every time we go there I mean I took a little part time instead of just doing the uber and stuff like that oh my god I'm just gonna enjoy this car for today holding that gas pedal just man you got Justin oh man that demon is a beast you guys saw how I smoked me yesterday that GTR really pissed me off that all.

34 I don't know what was up with it but I was not the author t4 that I thought I had man all the person that made that all 34 need to go back and change the handling for that all 34 man because it wasn't working at all it wasn't working at all mine anyway let's go apply for this spot hopefully I will get it because I'm supposed to be checked um you know why I know about the spot too.

Is because it's this music producer that sell in his place and this is where he all shoot it's so hard to drop this car though all the police police you're gonna have to drive slowly I got stopped at the gas station - yeah there's a music producer that's selling his mansion that I'm gonna check out later so you guys you guys let me know if it's worth it because the location was that.

Is really hard to get up there I was thinking about getting a truck or something like that maybe I'll do it with the demon maybe I'm trying to deal with the demon but imagine going off-road with the demon okay it came and keep traction on a regular Road imagine going off-road that's just gonna be impossible well anyway we're going up there let's go check out this job oh oh.

Man oh god you can never have a regular day man whoa almost hit that Camaro but it's really hard to drop this car in real life though in real life we really have to really take your time with that gas that gas pedal is so fragile like you could crash that car in minutes it I remember I'm the story about these kids that stole like they stole not a demon but a Hellcat imagine if it was a demon.

Though and Hellcat charger and a challenger and they crashed him right away because they didn't know how to drop them they thought you're stepping on the guy's yeah you're gonna get what you go not without controlling like knowing when to press the gas properly but anyway we're gonna apply for the shop let's see how this thing is I'm so not.

Ready I know I didn't have to wear no suits or anything like that so I'm sagging - you guys think they will give me a job in from second like that I don't think so but apply did I get it what I got the job bro I got the job yo we'll come back next time so I got a pic man I got a pickup this person I got a pickup this person right now so what we got the job you're the demon looks so.

Brutal that person did such a good job do you guys I mean have you guys look at the tires hold up what up what up I got to show you guys the ties I got a turn to me see dad you see that they did a good job man all right so let's go we gotta pick up this person and he'll shoot hopefully they ready hopefully they're gonna be ready and I don't know I don't.

Know what to expect with that music producer location but I'm ready for it come on alright so let's go pick them oh my god almost crash oh you know what you guys could see some of my driving with the demon you see when you need to use the demon like this is the roads that you can actually push the demon you guys can't even tell how fast I'm going right.

Hold up put up I had to remove that last one that I was that last gosh mark that I was using because it was just acting up on me so let's just put like the regular ma per hour so you guys can see how fast I'm going all right so it was the one from back in the future oh shoot oh my god damn I don't even know how fast I'm going but I don't even are we getting a ticket.

Chill out wait I got to pick up this person anyway you know what I'm not you know I'll stop but I'm not really stopping let's press No goodbye goodbye I will pick them up after I clear these stars damn we gotta lose these cuffs oh you really gonna chase a diamond oh look at that they don't even have time to cut in front of me anymore.

Is that a cop yep they don't even have you see how fast a demoness oh you have time to cut in front of me anymore once I lose them guys I gotta pick them up all right I think I lost them now no I'm gonna have to go off-road I'm gonna have to go off-road I'm just gonna hide over here you know this cause been doing good so far man you guys think I could handle a.

Demon for now but I already made my gt-r faster than in demon so is that is they even worth it I'm talking about the man in real life now the cops are still looking for me they can't find me they can't find me are you gonna make honey how do you know where y'all okay they gone they gone all right we got to go pick up this person guys and we are out of here this college is too much fun man.

Just go way to wish Fred I just sit the biggest race right now all right let's go pick them up and see how this thing's out there now so we're just making it over here I don't I have no idea she say to me her over here by the stores can you guys believe they got number liquor stores around here we got an Amber liquor stores really what could she be it I don't know I'm still looking.

Around guys they got Namba liquor store you think she's drinking again you know I will definitely get her she's drinking again you guys know you right now oh there she go hey hey oh hey hey what were you doing around the liquor stores hey what were you doing around the liquor stores are you drunk hey are you serious right now hey drunk.

You I can't even see my yo look at this oh good daddy can you stop anyway we're supposed to look at this place I'm heading over there right now I don't know if I'm gonna have to get another car to go to that place anyway that that spot is all the way on the other side spy you talkin bout its it the spot dad you told me about that that music producer let's move oh you got it no I'm.

About to go look at it oh I'm live right now are you serious I need some food I'm going really early we only you see I'm just gonna eat my snacks that's all everybody really get your life together hey have you got a car Sam sound sexy my god stuff that engine excuse me pg-13 over here miss it sounds so sexy here do it again do it again oh you're gonna do.

It again doing it faster oh my god you're gonna make me lose control you see oh that was outside you make me lose control around you oh my god stop stop it smells so good what do you have wine I don't know I don't I just don't I have lotion on whoa you know dag on lotion eyes Maura lucious it's so sexy juicer hey I like it you just enjoy the car let's go look at.

This place we're in a car wash I do I do look at this wind oh my gosh we gonna have to take no we're gonna have look look look this is that bad is that bad you know what you know what I was thinking you know thinking since it's dirty on inside no no no that maybe we should go such a dirty mind anyway we're going to that place I heard you've been living in sandy shows that's why I.

Haven't see you so for so long what you doing in sandy shores mine and my dad want business yeah you got business over there you got a man over there yeah business over they don't make me yo don't make me come over there I don't know what was up with him but anyway we got to take my car this is my beautiful room hurry I miss coming over here ma I used to come.

Over here on a date you drove me up to that um to that top of the mountain yeah yeah we can't talk about that this is private stuff we can't talk about it yeah yo did you say like think this thing was up the hill somewhere right here yeah so my man was telling me about this place right what's up with this place I so boom right it was like this boom yeah so cool right I need to go to.

The gas station oh there's a gas station right there gas station on the way so right so then you know my meds no we was chilling one day he was like yo I got this music producer whatever the case is he said he was writing this place out so for different people you wanna come up the elbow but by now it was like gold only trying to come at me like that ain't no but yeah I mean and he was.

Like nine even like that you won't say we just be out it's almost like I boom I see what's boat we go did we Chilean have a couple drinks have a hook up by the fire pit I'm listening I'm listening so lush so did what happened was right we went up and I was like yo I seen joint was for sale and that was like I telling nobody but me huh yep so we bought the girl.

Thea see what's up with this place alright damn I was thinking about a car wash but about to go off-road anyway so forget that car wash well you know car wash I wash it when we get there oh my god oh my god do you Thursday no I'm driving behind yo make there somewhere it's up there somewhere I don't even know okay so it's supposed to be up there somewhere you know what so you.

Gotta do a cut through time when trying to cut the rain I might be able to find it a I'm trying yo they say something here somewhere Alec I know in real life this is not this would not work all my god I'm gonna destroy my goodness it's working though I'm a her shooter oh yes okay now we can find it we okay like that oh my god I went the wrong way.

Oh my god it's all the way over there went up the wrong way I told you it was it this way you listen y'all guys Alissa for nothing when it comes down to directions now get us down from this daggone hell before I mess you up oh my god you how am i doing this Widow I got it I got it hey remember what was in the island we had that load truck yo guys know that.

When I say Hills like this though an ego fright I close my eyes we was going downhill cuz I was just like Lord if this is your will just take me as you come please oh my god alright so we got this I got to go up the hills and Garon alright so let's go around cut through here why do you is this just do I don't have no other car I would have to get a Jeep.

There's no roads going up there I heard people be going up there and helicopters and stuff do you have Anacapa hold on let me pull it out my pocket alright no freaking helicopter so I have some safe somewhere but I got cars all right this is damn yeah what is this it's the spot you look like an you know what because of the coconut trees and all that stuff it still it almost look like a jailhouse.

For a minute nah man you WA you didn't see that I'll fix it I'll fix it later come on I ain't telling I ain't telling dude that you came up it like yo there's an L copter over there you might be able to take that home you drive I'll take the helicopter babe you thinking about stealing already what you mean I don't know how to get down you just gotta hold on to the brain.

Hold on hold on for your life come on let's go up look at this I'm gonna have to keep teleporting you you don't know how to come up the steps I was actually just taking a look around the scenery stop William you know I got it you see I gotta keep bringing you up I'm gonna get ready for you I think it's option no no no no no bodyguard and teleport you to me well you at first of all I'll need no.

Teleport okay I'm a thug look at this view doh look at this view at least I'm gonna save you from sandy shores look at that don't jump now just look just look don't jump don't do it don't do it I'm sure I was just trying to tell you to come over here so we could watch it together and I walked it to the pole it looked nice though.

I can't believe you would drinkin you know you got to hang out with me like that that's I just thought the party without me I'm just trying to pregame for you do whatever let's go check out this place man yo they got lights on the side and everything no damn I might have to keep teleporting you because you just chilling over there you enjoying this view way too much you so used to send.

These shoes now I was about to say when you get a girl out of the hood you cannot tell a girl so come up here and be around all this luxury all the time I don't know why you keep walking away because I'm trying to take a look outside okay there you go alright so this is the main I mean oh this is the main bedroom no this is the interest let's look.

Around that's right even though you're not gonna follow me but I could hear you yo the last time I was out here I don't even remember some of this stuff damn it was a party you with that drunk look at this place yeah yeah we need like we need a game for this me you're not gonna eat on this table like that yo I think you left me.

Out man are you right there I'm gonna have to keep bringing you in why'd you play with the dodo anyway I'm a check out the hole please look at these doors I would love to look at the doors which you loved me out homes no I have to keep bringing you this really underneath us under me my god there you go it's gonna be hard for you to get around it come here this.

Guy got money don't look at that you got pack of what all the type of drinks yo you got champagne let's check out the rest of the place man I don't know you're not gonna follow me but I can hear you it don't even matter though check this out I'm chilling in the living room all right I'm gonna check out the whole place you don't know what.

Room no I know how many live them does this guy have this about to be our place at all I don't know I'm thinking about why do you gotta say liquor right there though hello you know the are cocktail over there damn that's you know I this is a place definite definitely for music producer Pharrell all right what is this place a security room we don't have anything to do in here yo that's how.

They call me creep in the last time I was like tag they must got cameras everywhere but now I know Oh shoo how did he get these weapons my goodness can I hold your big good yo I'm done I am leaving I'm checking out this place and I'm leaving I like it but I don't know if we we are fit for this so we need a whole.

Team to to live here I imagine only me and you in this place not so what we do is we grab a random right make a safely rayray you know I ain't messing with Ray Ray no mo come on yo ray-ray be true that if you want a low personal you team you high library you might not be the most no yo they got a safe type of person they gotta say some stuff done ray ray always late he get the job done.

Or not nah well Pookie do yo they got that I mean they got everything you might have to creep up audio with something I know you all the way downstairs you all the way downstairs hold up what up I'm gonna have to keep like telephone you every time I'm wish I got to show you these diamonds though just pick one we'll get marry right here oh my god I'm.

Trying to get you up here okay there you go yo look at that I don't think we supposed to be up in here let's go nice shot my good shot first of all watch yourself okay I'm trying to check out this hole please what the hell yo you never see what you recording you heard a lot of noise you know you know anyone in the house bells Lilly yo that.

Is mac creamy the cow is just behind us making mad noise we like yo yo yo how many living room that's this guy have though like I can't I can't I can't I can't oh that's what I got to bring you again I got it I gotta keep bringing you man are you gonna behind the glass though I see you look how dark it is over there though I'm not feeling that mad man this.

Is a view like that but you know sin do like the scenery's I know what you say all right I feel like we checked out the whole house already I mean you mentioned there's this ain't no freaking house I feel like we checked out everything did we did we check out the main bedroom I don't know is their main back oh I remember this bedroom that's a guest bedroom the way it look that's a guest.

Bedroom nice bathroom though why don't like don't even shining like that ain't no nice bathroom when you poop in everybody gonna smell it yeah you're doing it oh but the house so big who will be in the bathroom which you know true you party downstairs somewhere I gave and see you that's a guest bedroom for sure where's the main bedroom that's what I mean.

Right now where is the main bedroom I don't even know what that is is that the door is that the main bedroom I know did you see I mean living room they had downstairs only one kitchen come on only one kitchen better closet I'm checking out the hole oh damn that's the bathroom why do you mean the bathroom the same way doh I don't know anyway I like the.

Place what'd you think about the place don't you think I mean which removes it you don't know I just made some money with it wait I just made some money oh my weekly income okay okay okay some more properties come yeah oh that's the main bedroom which is talking about Willis but um this is my this is my bedroom change the conversation what you mean.

Yes all I have done yes hey we're I can't even wear my pants like that like Road life I can't wear my pants like real life I'd smack the hell out of you you was like that you wouldn't let me well my parents like that no oh you gotta break it okay we got a bigger they got a bigger um shower oh they got a TV alright I'm done with you I think we've done here I like the place.

Just I'm just not sure if we fit for this don't you think this is an amazing view but I got a house just like that way already I'll show you you better send me shows like I haven't seen you in so long pick me up don't forget where you came from now Sammy shows ain't no hood please ain't no please.

You ever been to Davis shoot I'm from Davis so say me shorts in the hood you I don't know how to get out which ways to get up yeah this place is so big alright so if nobody ever seen a movie date naughty oh my god oh that hurts looks like I was the only one drinking I was not drinking what you mean the cause right there anyway can can you come downstairs let's go alright this is.

Gonna have to do it what is this let's go I like this place I'm not sure about this place though zag let me get a card first all right damn it's gonna be mad dog and we can't see night ain't no other little bag down those hills in the dark you tried it alright come on wait literally you know um Dragonic up there you flying look outfit.

You know what I mean alright guys this is gonna have to do it for right now I'm a fly designer got the idea but we'll see I hope you guys did enjoy this let me know what you guys think about this place right here you know click on my like button let me know stop talking about my clothes bye alright guys thank you for watching thank you for subscribing and today sad.




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