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ТОП 5 ШОКИРУЮЩИХ НАХОДОК НА ДНЕ ВОДОЕМОВ. Видео невероятных находок под водой

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ТОП 5 ШОКИРУЮЩИХ НАХОДОК НА ДНЕ ВОДОЕМОВ. Видео невероятных находок под водой
Мировой океан хранит в себе множество загадок и тайн. И если вы Думаете, что на дне океана покоится только Титаник? Вынужден Вас разочаровать: иногда там находят вещи, от которых волосы встают дыбом на затылке. В этом видео вы увидите 5 страшных находок найденных на дне водоемов.
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Hello to all! My name is Sergey Koretsky, You are on the facts channel. The world is fraught with the ocean a lot of mysteries and secrets and if youfour think that at the bottom of the ocean lurks only five titanic I will disappoint you sometimes there are such finds from their hair stand on the back of his head and eight right now you will see 5 of the worst unusual and sometimes shocking findsten found at the bottom of the reservoirs drove the first eleven video with the participation of bloggers in which he going to plunge into the river for the first time in a couple of months over the course of the video he finds different subjects such as fishing hooks old cupssixteen and tennis ball.

However, he soon discovered strange thing is rusty oldnineteen the gun which he thought was murder weapon so he called the cops on the video that you see a man immersed in water gulf of mexico to do underwater fishing but a big white one suddenly appears.

The shark diver brought guns on her and became to wait thirty sharks she moved right on the diver but being about ten meters sharply turned and the diver wasted no time rise to the surface You got that nervous hive thing again? This video was filmed in a Batangas which is the province of philippines the video will be relatively normal.

However suddenly when divers are deep under water in the ocean earthquake begins and the bottom begins shake violently it must have been a terrible ordeal for divers in the next video you can see the diver at the bottom of the ocean when suddenly he finds mysterious objects.

After he cleaned them of growths you can understand that this is a cannonball as it turned out unexploded and a guy great luck that after such strikes by core he stayed alive on this video in lens camera diver hit the shackles block with chain and other items homicide .

How suddenly the ramp is the body of the girl but as it turned out this video is just fike I can not even imagine what else you can find at the bottom of the ocean or other bodies of water on this i have all thanks for watching put likes dislikes subscribe click take care of yourself and loved ones, see you


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