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Ground station antenna tracker build - Part 1 - 5.8ghz - Eagle Tree Eagle Eyes

Опубликовано: 3 года назад
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With the money I saved, not building and repairing mini quads, I got an Eagle Tree Eagle Eyes antenna tracker and diversity. The antenna tracker runs directly from the telemetry received from the Vector via data which is sent down the video signal. They're not easy to build unless you get a ready made pan/tilt kit but hey....I don't conform to conventionality :-)


Just to show how much money I was spending on mini quads believe it or not but the money that I would normally have spent on mini quad so I actually bought this Eagle was it the Eagle tree eagle eyes which is diversity receiver or switcher and also antenna tracker and I've also bought the control panel water power panel for it now the first thing I noticed with this if you plug a normal.

USB cable in there if you got the the flexi case it won't work because that doesn't go in for and off so what about to do this make me own or show one budget whatever now the first thing I've noticed if I can try and get this seen you hang on a sec so the first thing of noticed is when you plug that USB cable then you plug the other end into a PC now that is actually a powered.

Hope honest about a forum hope so I know it's not a power problem now if you open the vector configuration then you press escape to go into offline mode and then you plug it in your fires up the first thing that we'll do is tell you to update the firmware which I'm not gonna do yet so also what I've got is a couple of sale which servos for pan and tilt so I'm going to build my own complete.

Antenna truck and I may put another receiver on there 5.8 receiver I don't know you so yeah we'll see how this one goes hey got it working I know the pictures pretty crap but I'm inside and I've got a lens cover on no if I go into this I'm in this simulator now if I turn that towards house over should start going mental any second.

Yeah that's just flip round if its overhead now the airlock Asylum that the picture is pretty crap because I've got the camera on and it's yeah you know I've been trying to think of where I'm gonna put all this antenna trucker and all me fpv gear and I've thought see I don't use this box anymore for me to run it because he just wasn't big enough to carry all you know batteries and this.

Stunt the other so I mean is that I've got to put something in here to strengthen it I've got some odd board sorry plywood rock and put some in there and I'll panel I'm done I know yet perfect sized plywood Z because I'm gonna make the the antenna on the top ear it'll be attached with something yet don't know what I'm gonna do with this bit I think I might do my usual over.

Oh would you bloody you know over Oh over engineer I'm not over engineer it nothing like a bit of over engineering well I've got a hole in the top of the case excuse these holes they're all going to be covered and I've also got my pan and tilt that cast in there that casting is gonna go on the inside in there and it will just sit there like obviously flush.

The reason being is I'm going to have a 5.8 on this one and I've got another tub a couple of servos comet which I'm going to do the 1.3 and here's the 1.3 patch antenna I'm gonna be using so I've got like a say of this one is for 5.8 it's all nice and compact and it does work and I'm going to do another one with a you clomp around here for the tilt and then sort of a serve on the side here.

And then for the paranoia just have one on the bottom so it's all it's all going to be balanced out properly so the cradles in there now and that is as you can see nice and tight so that's in there and then I'll take this out it does actually come out yourself put some although if you can't see I put some packing in there just to make it nice not fit so that will go in.

There and also in the bottom I've got a it's part of a Mobius mount actually close that comes through to the bottom to actually attach to tripod mount so I've got the connector in the top there which that just plugs directly into that I've got the servo in the middle all you do is you slop the pan until T on the top then you plug it in that goes down to the eagle-eyes I've had to put a.

Couple of power filters in line because I was getting a bit of interference on the video so it all works now if I just plug this in it's all fires up anyway so I've just got to tidy everything up but a battery tray somewhere in there I don't know and then hopefully it'll work I'm also strictly to voltmeter there everything's sort of ward in I've got the worry for the DVR put it just I just.

Put it in the side of it I've also done a repeater a five-point a repeater so I can receive on 5.8 and then transmit on a different channel so I don't need any wires hang it I've put the info panel in there but this connection sort of solution he's a bad idea it's it's not although it's tight in there it's not very reliable at all so I'm gonna take it all out again and redo it somehow.

I don't know I it's a shame but yeah I'll go redo it finally done it talk I find a long long long time to actually get this working properly really long time on the frontier just two connectors sorry for 22 changed to from 5.8 to 1.3 or do is unplug those two connectors this will then lift there it is a tight fit but it's supposed to be anyway that servo.

Lifts out with a whole kit and that's it inside so the war into the two connectors up there which is a mess but yeah it works there's a servo cradle thanks to Mike at work for building that for now really appreciate his work two treats absolutely brilliant and cat5 cable as you've already seen I've got two pair of filters on there cuz I was getting some noise on the video just a.

Simple voltage meter there eagle-eyes eagle-3 eagle-eyes DVR brain freeze so that's the oh yeah and down there you can see there's just a simple 5.8 repeater which goes onto the front simple dipole I don't need anything else and the reason I thought that is so as it receives on 5.8 also transmitted on 5.8 rather than I'm in a cable I can just put me goggles on on them you know.

I'm sorry and the other thing is when I put 1.3 on there it's going to repeat it through onto 5.8 so again I can just put my goggles on it will just relay this signal so that's it so what I'll do now is I'll forward up on I'll show you I'll give you a demo of it working I've got the vector simulator running but you can't really see very.

Well but as it comes back it's just coming overhead now so so hanging out it's all working the added benefit of having this I've been the eagle-eyes system is if it goes down anyway you retained the last known GPS position now if you want have a look at that GPS location so the next thing I've got to do you see me in 1.3 gig or 1.2 1.3 geek patch antenna which I've.

Got to make a cradle for it with another couple of servos and it's absolutely done so then what I can actually do is just don't plug that one on slot it and then slot this one in so I'll come around 1.3 or 5.0 obviously not at the same time but it makes it completely portable system something well happy can you tell


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