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Groomer accused of abusing service dog

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Deputies say a groomer abused a veteran's service dog.


Dog is okay tonight after its tail was twisted and broken off new success James / Varro has the latest developments on this case video the Brevard Sheriff calls one of the worst acts of animal cruelty he's ever seen watch when deputies say groomer James Suzanne becomes angry the German Shepherd service dog won't be still so he grabs her tail as she awkwardly rolls.

Over with her tail still in his hands freezing the video at this part because the sheriff says Suzanne breaks the dog's tail and it would have to be amputated when we got her back home she wouldn't come to us she wouldn't do anything so we went to the emergency hospital so it was just horrible Satellite Beach veteran Rick McGuire has PTSD he's calling tt's injuries his.

Latest traumatic experience fortunately even without a tail she looks happy and her owner says she will make a full recovery tt staples taken out last week she's able to run around and not have the cone of shame on her head that she's going everywhere with the 37 year old groomer was arrested yesterday we found five other times Suzanne was booked into the county jail including domestic.

Violence charges the sheriff says grooming Dale's pet spa has fired him if you hurt an animal in our community you're going to jail but if I can I'm gonna be the one that walks you in there was absolutely no need for what happened horrible thing to watch in a video she's my best friend the groomer posted his $2,000 bond and was released from jail there's no one here at.

Grooming Dale's today and we also tried knocking on the groomers home he did not answer right in Brevard County I'm James Spahr véro getting results new 6:00


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