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hello friends welcome back to Super Mario maker today we will be diving into the 47th installment of the series getting close to 50 still don't know what I'm doing still need ideas from you if you have any requests or ideas for the 50th no skip episode let me know below alright alright the first stage today from Japan is a new super mario.

Brothers experience hey dude come on I feel like I feel like I deserve that all right just stay uh a little bit bigger a little bit bigger here ah just too good I'm just too good I'm too good you guys I got nothing man no words.

Hand up to bat again oh that's nice that's a good path right there here we go okay how do we wait I'm screwed oh now I can there we go there we go okay very carefully oh I knew it very very careful oh I got him ha that's funny okay wait can I can I do that oh you can oh you gotta be kidding me I gotta I gotta try something here check it out hey guys.

What's up how's it going this might actually work hold on should I go under Oh over I think over here we go wait you can go down there oh okay just carefully go in here get the switch okay I'll take it Oh No go back go back go back that works we're fine here real quick go alright sweet good so far what was that the heck was that man ah.

Come on hey no accidental spins we can go this way like a look at this he tried to fuck you over but you can just jump over the one way okay oh boy patience is a virtue patience is a virtue patience is a virtue patience patience it's got to find the opening not hard you just gotta find the opening oh my god .

There's the pipe kinda was hoping it was over but not today my friends there's the goal we're getting close alright maybe like one more section oh no wait surely I'm not supposed to kill him with the shells that this guy throws right oh that could have been really bad I'm not sure oh come on don't be like that I got a bail I maybe could have gotten.

But too risky too risky man finish him off whoa wait damn it there's the there's got to be a hidden thing right I go over him tonight can I make it over this guy am I kidding myself here he's gonna murder me do I really have to kill him with the green shells that's 40 shells dude you gotta be kidding me that's 40 shells come on deeds now come on.

Can you get in there yeah maybe when he ducks that might work I don't know come on oh you god dang it dude do you think there's something hidden or do I actually have to hit Bowser 40 times 40 times this is horrible holy crap you know I'm gonna kill him I'm gonna kill him just trying to not get killed.

This is nuts this is actually nuts where's the dev Starr where's the hidden fire flower come on man I know you're hiding it I just want to check out this pipe just out of curiosity does it just kill you this no it's a whole section that we skipped the main reason I came here is to see if there was any power up or something unfortunately I don't really.

See anything the whole the whole section was a trap excellent the only way to beat the stage was to do what I did and go down here everything else was a lie oh man this cannot be real cannon I don't believe it for a second I don't believe it for a second okay knew it fucking knew it fucking knew it fucking.

Knew it did I not call that shit beautiful beautiful fire flower here we go now we're talking dude it's still like a problem to get into this pipe look at this I couldn't even get into the pipe what the heck dude come on wait I can just take a hit no wait Bowser's gonna knock me around though I would need I would need a really good jump oh dude this is messed.

Up alright he's dead so we're gonna try and do this it's not gonna be easy but it's totally doable we just need to get over Bowser I need a really good job come on oh this is this is just what I do now what what the heck dude oh I think I see how he did it crafty little bastard see there was an opening I didn't get it but it was.

Definitely there oh how did I survive that is silly come on you can make this jump over Bowser yes yes come on let's go let's go get me out of there man fuck this guy alright level three with 86 lives House of grump by spuddy here we go alright looks like a good time already let's go in the nope never mind I mean this seems pretty good so far oh gosh alright yeah hey that looks kind.

Of cool what what what was that dude I thought that was like a hold right situation that is harder than I thought not gonna lie okay you know what wait what that doesn't go anywhere oh oh well that makes more sense hey guys maybe something comes out of that pipe.

What do you know interesting awesome that was fine I have no complaints all right Stage four with 85 lives here we go here we go 16 oh shit Oh Shh what am I trying to do here oh we've got doors let's try the doors door number one resets whoa there's some stuff appearing okay it seems like my goal is definitely gonna be to get in that door.

Maybe which we know is possible with a spring drop given the circumstances it could be tricky got it I got it holy shit holy shit did we just did we just beat the stage oh gosh what's with these bombs dude this is an actual situation way way way way way way we can go on the door reset the situation then quickly drop down here hit that lose the shell.

Net which could be bad what is this do it's not bad it's good cuz we're in there it is possible that blowing up more of the blocks would have revealed more items I don't think the spring drop was intended but you never know stage 5 with 85 lives here we go here we go here we go that guy has devil horns.

Oh these are falling platforms very nice very nice I like that I like it a lot oh man okay I don't know how he really wants you to play this maybe as it's going down I fucked up.

Good thing I have a mushroom oh dude you were supposed to now I'm fucked actually you know what I could probably shell jump off that yeah there we go and then botch the second one the completely chill and free one I'll mess that one up whoa okay that's a big-boy jump I have no comment ah come on get me in there man shit I.

Was a good jump all right there we go I'm screwed I'm screwed it was so hard to time that I couldn't see where the track ended whoo buddy how you doing man oh oh I almost screwed that up oh my gosh that was way too close okay it's time for the finale here the finale is at.

Hand my friends whoa what the what is all that what is going on here what the fuck what what is this wait oh wait hold on can this guy help me is he gonna fall down around the pipe oh no I need him I need him for some reason I thought he was gonna walk through the plant but that was not the case no what's in here oh I think I.

See how this is gonna end okay I like I get it man I'm gonna die come on most like long drawn-out troll room I've ever seen okay so we need the Koopa he'll just come down here and what we will be good so here use the son of a gun there you go not what you want not what you want my friends not at all I'm pretty sure you have to wait for the.

Son of a turtle to wake up every time it's a whole thing I can I can I have that shale myth though yeah there we go what's the what the fuck is this man what is this whoa that fire Bowser please man am I supposed to go that way what isn't going on here oh geez hey there's the goal can I get to the.

Goal and I can I be a part of that experience apparently it's that easy just fucking brawn at the goal well that wasn't one of the worst stages I have ever had the displeasure of pleasuring I don't know what that was that was just bad that was bad in every way it wasn't even a good troll level it wasn't even a good bad level it was just.

A bad bad level all right my friends we are gonna get big for peach here we go you know what's up girl - yeah oh yeah this is uh I don't know what this guy's name is but he's from Megaman 11 he's the guy in bounce man stage he like jumps up and slaps you and knocks you into the pit I fucking hate that guy but I think we can all agree that this.

Design concept should have been in the actual game new mystery costume unlocked I like this one this one's nice okay ladies and gentlemen that concludes another journey and Mario maker super expert Funland episode 47 50 is creeping up we're getting close that's a lot of uh that's a lot of one thing you know hope you all enjoyed the video today thank you all so much for watching and I.

Will see you in the next one


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