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My Friend's Clingy Sister Had A Huge Crush On Me Ft. Emirichu

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Today I tell you about my friend's clingy little sister.
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✎Illustrated by Rirumato
Coloring by Tenshika✎
Additional Coloring by Honidu
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These stories are based off of true events from my life and dramatized for entertainment purposes.
For anyone asking, I don't currently consider my videos as 'animation videos', but more illustrated stories. Eventually I would like to delve deeper into actual animated videos.
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What's going on guys welcome back to another terrifyingly tragic terrible tainted terrific video on my channel terrible TV anyways before we begin guys I do have a Twitter and an Instagram which you should go follow at Terry song TV go follow it now otherwise you're a loser that was a joke calmed myself today I'm gonna tell you a story about my friends.

Clingy little sister I'm sure we've all had one in the past they can be devious annoying malicious charming did I say annoying maybe you haven't met this kind of person maybe you have so this all started in high school I was just an average 10th grade student no it just had a 16th birthday party a few days ago the kids in my school were an interesting Bunch I'd say for the most.

Part we were average kids decent at school enjoyed playing sports but most important of all we all loved to have fun yeah we like to party I know it's dumb but we were kids and kids do dumb things it was a part of growing up so there was this one time that I got invited to a party at one of my friends houses when.

His parents were out of town everything was going fine we had good music cool people and apple juice but there was someone else there who would turn everything upside down my friends younger sister hey guys she was a quirky talkative and attention loving 8th grader what are you doing here Katie I told you to stay upstairs but there's nothing to do up there why.

Can't I hang out too because this isn't the place for you this is big kids time hey Katie hi Ronnie how's track-and-field going you still doing those warm-ups I see oh yeah you bet I'm stretching everyday now sweet dude not helping what she asked for some coaching from the fastest sprinter in high school how can I say no Ronnie takes a sip of his drink Oh.

Drinking Oh actually this is apple juice ok it's apple juice well can I have some no now stop bothering us and go back upstairs oh come on Mitch stop being such a debbie downer let the kid have some fun yeah Mitch that a girl live a little and besides if you don't let me hang out like everyone else then I'll tell mom and dad that you let people drink their.

Apple juice you little fine but don't do anything stupid or it's on you when mom and dad get back I know how to behave myself yeah Mitch then leaves oh hey that reminds me Katie let me introduce you to someone hey Terry get over here Katie fixed her hair as I come over what's up man Terry this here is one of the fastest girls nail school and future track a legend Oh Katie right.

Mitch's little sis so you've heard of me I'm flattered well I've only heard that hear Mitch's little sister hey future track legend don't get it twisted well I'm gonna get another drink Terry why don't you babysit Katie oh well actually I was gonna okay thanks enjoy your apple juice so some party huh sheesh is that the best.

Line you have you might as well have said do you come here often well you live here so that's the joke silly you're funny I was uncomfortable enough talking to Katie to begin with being Mitch's little sister and all now I'm stuck talking to her alone I had to think of an escape plan and fast hey Katie where's the bathroom oh it's upstairs around the.

Corner great thanks I try to step away and get going but our house is kind of big well let me show you oh I'm sure I can find it as I try to deflect her invite she's already leading the way you coming or what I thought you had to go hey yeah coming as we get upstairs there's a few kids hanging up there being more runs we awkwardly want past them yo Terry I see you it's not like.

That okay I'm just going to the bathroom oh they're gonna do it in the bathroom I was feeling humiliated and starting to actually get annoyed at this point how much further is it geez why is your house so big why do you think you have a guide genius as we continue walking we walk past a room with a door open kitty looked confused and went inside it.

Definitely looked like a girl's room which I assumed to be hers as we look over to the bed we see two other kids they're the two kids quickly stop and look at us shocked looks on their faces we were just trying to find somewhere private yeah and the door was open so we feared it was okay room both of you get out all right sorry we're leaving no need to scream wait you're Katie right.

Mitch's little sis yeah and the two kids then look over to me yeah it's not what it looks like okay I'm just looking for the bathroom so is this your boyfriend isn't he a little old for you yeah very good point now if you'll excuse me I try to leave but Katie grabs my arm and holds me in place so what if he is um excuse me Dan Katie I didn't know you were into older guys.

Older guys tend to be more mature can't say the same for you though the boy steps forward towards us you know you're lucky you're Mitch's little sis oh and what if I wasn't you're gonna hit a girl typical behavior for a caveman with his face getting angrier his girlfriend then steps in - hey don't talk to my boyfriend like that you little bitch okay guys let's tone it.

Down a notch huh everybody just calm down no one is talking to you you dipped hard don't talk to my boyfriend like that he shoves the girl back and she falls on her bed hey don't touch my girlfriend the boy starts coming toward us but I hold him back all right stop everybody just cool your jets for a minute okay stay out of this bottom dweller so call him mad caveman why you.

Little the boy didn't move me in the junk I fall to the ground in a fetal position boy then starts walking towards Katie who's the caveman now with my last bit of strength I kick his legs out from under him he falls right onto his back Katie then smiles and throws down an elbow on him okay that's not exactly how it happened but.

There was a confrontation and Katie actually did pull out some WWE wrestling moves which did surprise me I get up slowly still in pain you watch wrestling it's always on TV in this house so I naturally got into it the boy and girl then get up to leave you and your boyfriend better watch yourselves we're not you better stay out of my room they leave thanks for standing up for me I'm.

Not used to people doing that you sure seem like you do it often you have no idea there's a brief awkward silence we should do this again sometime do what like hang out sometime oh well maybe you can come to the mall with me and Mitch sometime what no not with my brother you justyou why I just mean did you see the way those two looked at us they probably.

Think we're some kind of power couple power couple really yeah like on spatula don't you watch reality TV just then Mitch comes into the room what the heck is going on up here I heard from Kevin you went all WWE on him relax bro Kevin try to make a move on me and Terry defended me that's all really well in any case thanks man he turns to Katy you know Terry's on the wrestling team I.

Said I'm thinking about it Mitch what really oh my god so you're gonna like wrestle other people yes Katy that's why it's called the wrestling team god you're so slow shut up back pimples well I think that's my cue to go Yoho just a minute Terry my guy let me talk to you for a minute he pulls me aside and puts his arm around my shoulder so my dude you like my.

Sister what no I was I was just going to the bathroom hey hey it's all good man I improve you what if you haven't noticed Katie's always trying to mess with us while we're hanging out she needs her own friends but you know how she is around the other girls no I I don't I just met her but five minutes ago hey hey she's just it's all good with me I.

Mean there's tons of guys that will want to get with my sister but out of everyone I think you're the best pick so what do you say I look over to Katie who's looking at us probably wondering what we're talking about Oh think about it man maybe I'll take her shopping or something that's the spirit anyways I should really get going it's.

Getting late I'll see you later man see you Katie I leave hey where are you going what did you say to Mitch relax I got you a date with your little crush what really back downstairs Kevin is waiting for Mitch so how'd it go they bought it sweet so you're really gonna set your little sister up with that bottom.

Well ur stepsister she's never been family to me and if it gets her off my back then even better nice so what are we gonna do about Terry I think people like him even though he just started hanging out with us go stim and that is unfortunately all I can fit in today's video otherwise it's gonna be way too long and my illustrators would kill me if you guys enjoyed this video please.

Leave a like leave a comment down below if you've ever been in a situation like this just a little bit of context to this story there's a lot more to tell and if you guys really want to know the details and you know what happens in the future between me and Katie and Mitch and the other guys that I thought were my friends but turned out to not really be my friends at all so if you want to.

See more leave a comment down below it's not all butterflies and sunshine there is gonna be some pretty intense drama and falling out not to hype it up or anything also big shout out to MU for voicing not only Katie but also the drunk girlfriend I'm gonna leave a link to her channel down below definitely go check her out guys she makes really cool story videos.

As well if you made it here to the end of the video then congratulations so you ever come to Korea I'll buy you coffee if you got a Christmas gift let me know what you got down below in the comments if you didn't get anything also let me know in the comments all right that's the end of the video so go away


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