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NEW TV SHOW TRAILERS of the WEEK #10 (2019)

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Check out all the amazing new TV trailers from the past week including the following titles from HBO, Prime Video, BBC America and more!!
COBRA KAI Season 2
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I know death he's got many faces I look forward to seeing this one everything you did what you were you all now where you belong they're coming our enemy doesn't time doesn't stop.

Doesn't feel I promise to fight for the living you think he can take me on that's the wrong question oh yeah what's the right one do you really want to find out there are 25,000 Chinese living in this.

City and more coming every day you do what you have to to survive it's about a hundred different ways it can vary it someone has to start fighting back what do you want me it's all LT the city's a powder keg we're gonna take back our city they want a war that's a given one.

Okay let's go you had that the whole time war is good for business so how are you finding America so far this is the state's case against Gypsy Rose Blanchard she's got paraplegic epilepsy heart murmur and she's allergic to show me everything I do I do for her my mom is impossible well she once it is.

Kinsey Jeff have you been able to confirm the girl's medical history which part any of it that's what being a mom is never being sure you're doing the right thing but doing it anyway not with children's division of Missouri social services ships he's got the mind of a second now what are you oh she's 15 born in 1995 I think they said I was.

Born in 1993 I'm just gonna ask you a few questions all right can you read - you love me buddy not giggling about I never leave Prince Charlie I never once disrespected my mama the way you do can't tell anyone you can tell me nobody's gonna ever do more for you.

She's never gonna let us be together sooner or later everybody knows everything about everyone Gypsy Rose Blanchard how do you plead I am an angel you are a demon we're her predatory enemies get thee behind me foul field after you.

Armageddon stays away and we've lost the Antichrist we have to work together we have nothing whatsoever in common I don't even like you you do we don't find the water end everything where we going the end of the world it's not far the earth isn't going to just end itself the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are being summoned or pollution famine death who exactly summons them not my.

Department the end of the world starts here the boy is coming into his power here Sean would I lie to you you're a demon that's what you do we're doomed welcome to the end times it's nice hanging we can't give up that doesn't have to be a war.

Of course there does otherwise how would we win it that's great battle between hundred health to the world to the Wow please stand by for a message from the old gods ladies and gentlemen we are the ancient ones wars are coming are we ready I have a bigger role field sample it all there's something here for everyone there's still time to join the party.

Train to Valhalla technical of work manifest your own destiny yes is upon us are we ready my dress you know why I summoned you Oh yep there is a man he's revolted something something bad.

you are among your own kind now take comfort in it find strength in it a blessing on all of you are blessing on this place this witch's place for million dollars we should take that.

Money it'll be easy just a couple old people oh yeah and and you'd have to get hooked on Macedon for real my parents can tell we have a church where we treat you men and women troubled such as you you're gonna be okay it's a new day boy he stole all that money miss Church they're supposed to help people but they use it to rip people off I'm Kenneth bag make things.

Right let's stay the plan they left last night on the way come with me it's not like we're hurting them you just get them out of the picture for a little while I am going to kill you motherfucker I am the pale horse of death and he'll follows me boy prepare for the devil I shall deliver.

You unto his fucking kingdom come the guy who's supposed to be dead is running around he just killed a 24 year old kid with his shoe don't worry I got a plan so you're saying you want me to go to Mexico and do something important cool that's it $26,000 back but I'm gonna get you I've been looking for you for a long.

Time now as a person of interest in the murder you are obligated to an accounting of your whereabouts I am my own God thank you for this loving gift this is getting out of control my husband is a very powerful man capable of kneeling and rising again get down and get the fucking crazy old man.

Where you going boys get it get the RISM get the rhythm there you go there you fucking go get the rhythm get the rhythm there you go there you fucking go get the rhythm get the rhythm there you go there you fucking go get the rhythm gizzard you're feeling strong enough .

He's an old men he's not turns out sometimes when you love someone you will do crazy why are you and Vernell so interested in each other's oh she's missing tooth it's time boy intend to be yeah you look amazing can I take a picture of you for my Instagram no no of course not get a real life if she's alive you need to find her he's out of control it feels.

Like I'm losing my mind a little bit any ideas where she might have gone any feelings no no feelings cross your heart hope to die Spain and England unite against our enemies so that my son is protected on his throne until that girl arrives we are lost I asked my mother once why I was not afraid of my destiny she said I may as well be fearful of my own reflection.

I give to you Princess Catherine of Aragon go without me went o Prince only then can I protect Spain what happens here now I do not care what will happen to her well I'm successions clear may I introduce Prince Henry people call me Harry you are his brother's widow I came here to forge an alliance with.

England and that is what Aldo do not cross me Katherine there's nothing I won't do to save my family our alliance is insurance she's arrogant and over privileged what game does she back what makes you think he's okay I'm the daughter of the greatest moments this world has ever known.

If you challenge me we shall defeat you inner peace focus balance you can learn the secrets of Okinawan karate true karate by joining the Miyagi Doh team because in Miyagi Doh it's not about the money it's about the karate defeat does not exist in this dojo you're in for a rude awakening it's.

Cobra Kai is about being badass remember it doesn't matter who anyone was before they stepped into this dojo all that matters is that we're all Biaggi doh I know how to beat tobik I give it 30 years ago I can do it again cut great just make sure the Cobra Kai snake comes in at the end or I don't want to really pop.




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