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SLENDRINA's SLOUCHY SISTER? = SLOUCHDRINA! FGTEEV Shawn Plays Hello Neighbor Granny Style Game

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... GURKEY!! It's Slouchdrina!!! FGTeeV Duddy & Shawn check out Entity, a new game that's not final so it still has some bugs but it's going to be a great game when it's all working right!!! Hope you enjoy! :)
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whoa you're creepy never believe this I just went to the bank I asked them to check my balance and they pushed me I fell over because I guess I have bad balance why do you kinda not look now yeah why are you guys so jealous of my hair cuz all your hair stinks.

What's up my turkey turkeys it's so scaredy daddy bye daddy i'ma play a game that hopefully makes me back cuz this game is scary this look like slang Drina Plus granny done got there the graphics oh my goodness look stuff is scary what is wrong with this oh my wait a second laughs shun dude wait wait you got hurt I won't play that me okay when you get scared you.

Gonna say okey okay we are about to embark on a gurkey adventure this game is actually right now only available on Google Google Play you are trapped in stalked by an entity go through the level and find your way out but beware the entity will look for you at all times run evade hide and do everything you can to avoid it and get out I'm in a dungeon.

Okay this dungeons creepy as a chair oh whoa whoa what's that what's that oh I've been here for a while what am I doing here I feel like I'm losing my mind I can't stay here anymore I have to leave this place oh okay well well that's an easy way to get out of jail so we're in the hallway none of these other doors open we got some boxes Oh me is there anything here.

To collect it looks like there's nothing oh there's a door maybe I can push these boxes push push some shun yeah I'm Slim Trina it looks like sandrina but it's not what's this oh I need something to break this door oh oh it goes upstairs all that goes upstairs door yeah we do need a key what's this say something has been.

Lurking in the shadows in the house it looks like a woman I tried to approach her but every time she sees me she gets very aggressive I can only avoid her okay we need a key where's the key hello for this Oh whoa this is weird oh my goodness this is so weird this is here oh oh this is a puzzle oh this one this one yes yes oh we got key get it son or you have to pick a hand.

Left hand or right hand who so we could do real objects opened door good job doors unlocked oh we're in the house oh what's that flashlight yeah got flashlights how are we going this door hello Oh brick wall did you see that shot I mean I don't think it's lunch Rina if fry just looks like her hello oh she's afraid of the light.

Oh my goodness so if I turn off the Laci comes towards me oh my goodness do we gotta run we gotta run we gotta run oh my gosh look how scary C is oh gosh I show Mike oh I see a plan for tonight my fort lighter yeah hold on she like I'm down here though but she's not even attacking me so we have to just get out of the house so let's see what the front door looks like this is the front door.

Red buttons we have to make them Yeller are you scared oh god well you just had a sneeze I got it what is this Oh Oh what now I can hide in here I thought it was okay that's like really good okay well there's Nina oh my goodness let's turn it off real quick well she doesn't even know I'm here she's so weird what are you doing she's doing like yoga poses look she doesn't even know I'm.

Here this games kind of weird Hey hi right behind you this game is a little different than granny inhale a neighbor cuz she doesn't actually know that I'm here in her home yeah so what do we do sure we have to find something is she coming no she's coming she's coming close the dark stop it Wow teleports through doors dude she's so oh what is that that was.

Like something uh-oh she's showing me where stuff is thank you okay yeah you get out of here we got a key my left hand oh I have a key and a flashlight oh no dude I just realized my flashlight has a battery I killed the flashlight batteries whoa we can't waste a flashlight she'll get us was there another door that we couldn't get into is this one locked.

Door is locked okay use the key wait is she coming oh my goodness she's after me please flashlight don't be weird she just hit the wall Hey you weirdo okay shot open that door for me press the key thank you open okay what is inside of this room who would oh no not that doors locked hey oh whoa she's showing up somewhere it's kind of scary that she just walk.

Through walls cuz then like what is she doing I don't know she's coming and get me there's so many places to check there's nothing in dad yes this paper I haven't been able to sleep it doesn't look like I'm going anywhere I start getting scratches on my back whoa whoa whoa is she throwing up oh I can trap right here my battery the battery oh my goodness.

Oh no doing that yet but that's very close dude that scared me thank you you too I know she's up there we came from down there are all my goodness others things in all these cabins can take forever every Hey where's a key yeah I don't know we have to find it we're weak dude this is scary dude I don't know I need to find like a hammer.

Yagi she can't know she's coming she's coming she's coming go in here go quicker quicker cookie oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness dude there's something on that wall though I think you'd like a lever we have to do it go maybe she'll just leave and go away yes yes okay go get your key .

Okay hey daddy uh-huh okay all right well she's there let's see if this thing works no there must be another part of the puzzle first get out get out get out dude she's after me but sort of sleep Oh in here you wanna help me use it yeah where was the thing that we had to use downstairs right yeah there she is tell her Sean should be afraid of you her name is slouch Gina cuz she slide.

She okay ready and yes here we go good job shop yes yes do it Sean yes open open yes so we got in okay there has to be something in here close this dough even though it doesn't matter JT wears a key we're trying to find it buddy she's interrupting my work I can't find something else to satisfy the cravings I see her in front of my bed every night.

my food okay do you go and play yeah okay you play guys grab some popcorn gonna be here all year okay break break that couch Sean I think you're on to something here mmm this is good if we stay here in the corner and do this all day we will be absolutely nowhere but dirtiest situation you're gonna know.

Don't watch another hint just great thanks Sean is that scary oh well are you going go bye-bye and did you find a locked door there are key scattered around oh I knew that okay so we got a hint that we really didn't need well I know that flake I just see it real quick are you wanna play okay wake me up when you're done boom ba ba.

So you want to stop playing go get ba ba okay guys we're gonna be back later cuz we're gonna go get pop-up by slouched Gina qbv gamer to baby slings Rinas yeah I just saw one where's baby baby Saint Rita I'll see you tomorrow come get me because I wanna go you don't pee hey you don't be rude to me what I wanted.

You get me hey China crazy you just get me with your creepy face wait what if I turn on the YouTube channel she doesn't like oh no here she comes coming yeah sure this way I think this game is broken dude this game is grouchy we'll see you guys later I'm gonna go get him a Baba maybe I'll come back down and play it just see what the deal is let me pick you up yeah but you have to.

Ask your dad be sure you ask me I'm your dad I'll pick you up that's weird Wow Jessie ba ba ba ba where's the bomb up this your Baba no you can't drink that is so for dishes if you drink that I'll be upset because then I won't be able to clean my dishes I got chocolate this one scary magic Baba okay I'm going back down and play that game what are.

You doing YouTube so I restarted I have full battery and I don't know why we didn't do this before but in this room right here this door has all these new levers it's like a new puzzle oh that one first Bend not that one that one mmm then oh then that one that one we got a shot now which one this one or that one this one come on Shawn be right John you best hit up this one let's try.

Charlotte KITT say that one Oh No go can she come in this way doors lock okay you're dead I'm very much still alive I'm here Oh No Oh No okay the game is working quick quick open open gotta go get that hammer oh dear she is let's get the key okay we're in here okay we're back in here baby what's this I need a tool to open I even.

Realize that to try this again we open up this door that's where slim genic goddess from slouched Drina it's definitely herb it's not possible must be losing my mind just need sleep what's in here anything useful whoo check the night steam Oh okey me give two keys well I think if we do that all we put the flashlight down do we.

Need the flashlight how about this we know where the key is let's go you use this key and then we'll come back and get that key wait wait wait oh my god oh my goodness he's not stop chasing it she's a service piece flashlight oh it works she's chasing me now oh this is so much scarier better oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness I think I have.

To hide for real where can we hide where can we hide oh oh whoa ray right here no no no that's not a hider seen it though she's not chasing me - yes yes he is you stay there you poopy you stay that yogurt Turkey no stop shot I'm getting so scared dude she's gone okay oh my goodness dude what are you saying okay we gotta use this key man the doors locked.

Okay use key open okay what's in here nothing what's in here doors locked I'm going in here you're gonna get this other key got it go back in here open this door yes what all this key must not be for this door it's not the games not working again it's no fun when it's broken all right well guys that was scary so I'm gonna stop for today and we'll be back.

Though now that we know how to play this game next time so subscribe to state goryeo you can do it yeah she's doing incredible guys I've never seen a dog play this game just get out let's just no losers in this okay can you stop coming can you get you


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