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boygenius - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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presents boygenius (Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus) performing live at Avast! Recording Co.. Recorded November 24, 2018.
Cowboy Take Me Away
Me & My Dog
Ketchum, ID
Host: Cheryl Waters
Audio Engineers: Tom Hall, Julian Martlew & Kevin Suggs
Audio Mixer: Julian Martlew
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Kendall Rock
Editor: Jim Beckmann


You've got a tune - KEXP we're at 90.3 FM in Seattle streaming worldwide at KEXP o yrg today we're at Avast recording company I'm Cheryl waters and we're on TJ Morgan's show she said to be sure to tell all of you that she absolutely loves you that's pretty much the prevailing feeling though I think about boy genius so welcome we're so happy to have you here and they are.

Playing at the Moore theater tonight here in Seattle we are so delighted to have boy genius live on KEXP dreamcatcher rearview mean hasn't kind Athenian $20 souvenir anything's worth trying stay out of you nightmare see arson entry must not the ways in don't die listen because of course I did .

Next do you hate what you see like I do oh my goodness boy genius live on KEXP my entire body is tingling that is even more exciting but I thought it would be to hear those songs live and otherwise I can do a cover now .

Did I think I know that song right all right right okay here we go wanna touch the you wanna break it in my something made of stars for wit sounds good job this girl is me free.

to go to you for me in your simple smile it's good to me it serves Cowboys head .

wanna touch the ear wanna break it in my hands wouldn't growl something wild and unruly oh it sounds good to me .

you class nicely done you happy with that I think it's great like maybe the sixth time we've played that oh yeah three of them word like 15 minutes ago it sounded great.

And since you said earlier now you've got that beautiful song on tape yeah a momento yeah we're live here in the studios with boy genius and some very familiar friends here we've got Julian Baker Lucie Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers so Camille it's on violin and it is just such a delight to be experiencing this project I imagine even more so for all.

Of you I I know you have told this story so many times but we just love for our listeners to hear how this project came together as far as I can tell first and foremost it was a friendship that developed between the three of you would it be fair to say that definitely yes for sure yeah I knew each of these two ladies I knew Lucy and Phoebe we had both met.

Performing on tour tour bidding a piece of vocabulary I will steal from Phoebe yeah and I think Lucy you remember it better than I do because I just was kind of like talking in very loose hypothetical terms one day about the pipe dream of having a band of all my favorite people that I had met in music where I could play lead guitar yeah Julian is like I'd love to be in a band.

Where I'm not the singer and I can just shred all day long exact words and so I think that like she had mentioned I hadn't met Phoebe at the time but I had mentioned like I could sing Phoebe could play bass or something and this is subtle and I don't play bass yeah you on bass I used to play horribly hasten to sabe Jane yes exactly okay see ya le hating you to bass.

No it's a real thing but I'm very glad that and then I how did it take off from there obviously three of you very busy with your own solo careers so I imagine it kind of had the stars had to align for you to be able to write and record what was the process like I imagine you did some of it on your own and then you had to come together yeah we forced the.

Stars to align like we were all on our own tour and we're like we really want to make this work and so everybody carved out a little bit of time and they're insanely busy schedule to get together and it was so fun um I'm so glad that we did it like it was kind of surrounded by some stress for me because I was like well am I not gonna be able to put enough of my thought and energy.

Into this because you know the just the stuff surrounding it so distracting and it was like I think we were really able to kind of live in the moment and do it I think all in all I got energy from record player gave it like I came out of that four days in the studio just like ready to write more and like with a better understanding I don't know every time we answer questions about this it.

Feels like I'm being so corny but I think it's just that everything's been like pretty innately corny and lovely yes and I feel like you know there was a lot of apprehension at least for me because I'm super type-a about everything so I was like experiencing the same sort of concerns that you were just talking about Phoebe thinking like well I'm I've been touring constantly.

You feel like maybe there's not a lot of resources to bring to songwriting we don't you're a little bit like dry but it ended up being a very replenishing exercise you know what I mean instead of feeling like it was taxing or taking something out of me well it sounds like you were inspired by one another and Julie and you called it out saying you're type-a but I mean you're.

All three primary songwriters in some pretty incredible work that you do so there had to be a level of trust you had with each other to do this project together because you used to having say in everything that you do talk a little bit about how that worked in the studio or in writing the songs are talking them over or bringing them together yeah it was like it was a.

Pretty immediate dynamic of just all of us getting on the same page I mean I came to the table with like two halves of song sort of barely and these guys brought out the rest of the stuff I think we did that for each other I think I can speak for all of us in this area I don't know if you've noticed but every question you ask we all look at each other and see who's gonna like take the.

Like the first go at it and that's kind of how it was in the studio to like nobody was kind of like pushing their will we just all kind of ie each other and like kind of the biggest effort was like push past our reticence yeah I think so too but I also think that maybe and this is like I guess I'll try to word this in a way so it doesn't seem like it's praising our reticence but I.

Think that coming out of situations where we have not been as acknowledged or as valued I think we were all super sensitive to that and came into this writing project with like all this knowledge of a forementioned experiences like negative songwriting experiences and had a lot more like implicit trust for each other and also were way more considerate like I feel.

Like this is the most egalitarian songwriting process I've ever been a part of like making this record you know I was gonna ask of any of you ever done anything quite like this before no no I to add to what you just said Julian I feel like the fear a lot of the time when I collaborate is that I'll have an idea and even if everybody respects me I'll have an idea I'll say it and then.

If I leave the room or if I don't pay attention for two seconds it'll get undermined in some way and the most like replenishing part of this project was just the complete trust like I felt I felt like everybody wanted to understand each other and nobody was kind of pushing an agenda which happens all the time we even was beautiful I loved so yeah that's I think what I was.

Trying to get at when I talked about you being three primary songwriters I don't think that people sometimes that you love are meaning to do that but they're probably just coming from a place of like I am writing for myself that's what I'm used to so that level of trust that you've built I mean these songs I personally I'm a huge fan of all of yours and I don't think you sound alike.

In your soul at work I love that you're on a bill together so I can see two or three artists that I love in one evening but I think that this project plays beautifully to the strengths of each of you and I don't think I would have necessarily thought that those sounds would have gone together so I'm I love to know that you either saw something and decided that it was gonna make great.

Music or you're like I don't even know what this is gonna do but I love these people so I want to try something with them yeah definitely I think also like in music especially maybe in every creative field but I think that a like personal emotional relationship and an awareness of what kind of dynamic you're Destructo you're constructing that's like a Freudian slip but what kind of.

Dynamic you're constructing is necessary for the creative process I feel like in every other professional field people are like don't involve your like pathos like your emotions in it but I feel like if I didn't trust you both there's no sort of like logical impetus for us to collaborate that would not have created something that sounded manufactured or artificial you know what I mean because.

Then it would have been purely like a formulaic endeavor and I'm glad it wasn't that but let's just let's just buds making music guys being dudes it sounds like you also knew what you had you have to be so proud of this record it's so confident and you really jumped in with all feet I heard that your first show was at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

Right mm-hmm some of us don't even remember that day I blacked out yeah I definitely but it's so crazy that it's such a like seminal moment for all of us and all three of us are like I don't even remember my set cuz it was just so happened yeah yeah like but I will say my set I was so nervous like I usually am in every single one of my sets and.

Then when we played on stage for the first time even though I was nerve-racked at rehearsals I it felt like a giant house show at the Ryman yes yes was so cool I felt like it was gonna cry on stage yeah I haven't felt this comfortable since I've cried a little bit on stage I presume at least every other night I'm dreading the last show we don't need to talk about it now but I.

Literally just yeah I do want to so I don't you make it think about it too much but where is the last show gonna be la Oh everyone's home to my home nice well you have your now like 15 16 17 shows in so you've been doing this for a while obviously feels good yeah it feels great it feels really good yeah you're gonna be doing it tonight at the Moore theater here in Seattle I know there's.

Gonna be a ton of happy Seattle fans and we've got tons of great listeners right now so excited that you're here thank you all for making time for this today yeah thanks thank you we're live on KEXP with boy genius and it is our lucky day they have two more songs to play .


all right together I we show.

I'll be wanna be amazed morning Oh .

it's so beautiful here listening to boy genius live on KEXP we're at a vast recording company tonight they play at the Moore theater here in Seattle I love those jackets yeah you got to tell me about that thank you there by Anning Bing and Judith from.

Rusty cuts made them personalized this is Phoebe's idea yeah like there guys aren't taking advantage of the fact we could literally say we're wearing anything right now baby's mine radios that you did that on the last radio thing - you're right we could just make up anything I'm just not wearing pants that's what's happening with me thanks you're wearing a sport oh yeah I am.

Actually wearing a skort real life dude I found one the other day all right anyway let's hear the score now I'm gonna overrule the squirts States now in a college town I would but it's really calm .

Teletype be to say stay on the phone sorry I do Oh you see.

Per se I don't know let's dissolve move to Idaho everyone's I hear smiley you say I see you two me go.

you Oh that is so beautiful I was holding my breath that's almost any longer then you have to wrap it up we got boy genius alive on KEXP today we do love you all so much thank you for making this project and.

Thank you for coming in we look forward to seeing you again soon you've got a tune to KEXP seattle no I'm great discover new music get listener powered KEXP o RG


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