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Как приготовить курицу горячего копчения? Маринад для курицы перед копчением в гриле. ШАШЛЫК из КУРИЦЫ, КУРИЦА ГОРЯЧЕГО КОПЧЕНИЯ. Простой вкусный рецепт. Мясо курицы на гриле. Гриль-Коптильня СМОКЕР. Простой рецепт копчения! Видео на YouTube.
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Today we’re going to smoke chicken in our smoker It’s a good excuse to taste new wine from this year It’s still cloudy Will blow our minds no doubt To those who don’t drink! Come here To begin with we’ll prepare marinade sauce We’ll need onions We’ll also need bell peppers And tomatoes that I’m going to peel using an interesting method.

Add salt to our marinade sauce And pepper Add some sunflower oil And stir it nicely It’s almost like homemade adjika (a spicy sauce, used primarily in Caucuses region) I’ll also put chicken hearts here Take this Dad, how many hearts does a chicken have? One heart just like humans Feed the kittens.

Add the rest of the marinade sauce And stir it nicely We’ll leave it to marinate And prepare our smoker In a previous video where we smoked trout in this smoker A lot of nice people commented that a chimney on our smoker is on the wrong side Today I want to show you what is the structure of it A smoke from the hearth travels through the bottom of the smoker To the inside of it. This smoke covers the meat and gets out through the chimney Let me show you.

Our firewood is almost burnt Let’s put in meat Sheep cheese is priceless We’ll pin the hearts on sticks Let’s get the smoking process going The temperature is rapidly going up Let’s add some twigs from fruit trees 40 minutes passed Let’s check on our chicken Looks so yummy! Mmmm!.

The wings get ready faster than the whole chicken I’ll get them out They look so tasty! Mmmm! Yum-yum! What about me! Friends, if you want to treat you family with such yummy stuff You can order such smoker on a website of shelkovyiput I have put a link at the bottom of this video Check it out It’s all ready!.

Do you want some chicken? You’ll stab daddy with your fork! Friends, I want to raise this glass of wine To the happy moments of our lives May there be more of them against all odds! Do you want me to help … Let me help you Here Leave it, I’ll feed you.


Natsushi Iwahara • 1 час назад
14 mins of video,4 advertisements,r u kidding?
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Stephen Thounaojam • 2 часа назад
what kind of language
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Stephen Thounaojam • 2 часа назад
i m ur new subscriber Sir....ur video is so nice
Love from India
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Людмила Конопацкая • 7 часов назад
А Куры все таки не домашние:(
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Abdunosir Sattorov • 7 часов назад
Брат жена нету да
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India first Jai Hind • 10 часов назад
Superb cooking !!👍😋 love from india!!!!
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Len Paci • 13 часов назад
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Len Paci • 13 часов назад
From Philippines
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S K • 21 час назад
Can't stop whatching your videos,keep them coming please.
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Planet A • 23 часа назад
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سعد مظهر • 1 день назад
هذا لو بس ادري شنو كل اشوية يشرب 😂 ومن يا دولة
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Юля Неважно • 1 день назад
"за тех кто не пьёт!" ахахаха
Тост огонь)
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Алик Алиев • 1 день назад
Сына надо, чтоб дрова подносил)))
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Konghu Shakthivel Gounder • 1 день назад
Edhu endha country brother
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Nodir Murodov • 1 день назад
Братан за пару просмотр я так сильно стал уважать тебя.
Главное готовишь много и душевно,и угашаеш всех даже кошак не забываешь.
Класс брат,удачи тебя.
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Амнат Ирменова • 1 день назад
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Ринат Хайдаров • 1 день назад
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ba kheg • 1 день назад
Awesome chef
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Кибор Гиланов • 1 день назад
Молодец супер
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Классный мужик.
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